Horlicks Dolce Gusto Compatible Pods 16 Pods كبسولات دولتشي حليب بالشعير

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  • CONVIENIENT easy-to-make delicious drink that's frothy and creamy in texture. No mixing, no messing, just the authentic hot malty goodness of Horlicks - a WARMING and DELICIOUS hug in a mug that’s perfect every time.
  • BURSTING WITH GOODNESS - Each mug of Horlicks contains 14 key vitamins and minerals. High in Calcium, Zinc and Vitamins C, D and B12**.
  • Enjoy as a SHORT malty treat or the perfect serving size for children. Use one pod. Set your machine to 4 bar and insert pod (or use 110ml hot water)
  • Enjoy as a LONG, comforting drink of Horlicks. Use two pods. Set your machine to 4 bar, insert pod and repeat (or use 110ml hot water x2) 

  •  كبسولات حليب بالشعير  مدعمة بفيتامينات ومعادن وغنية بالكالسيوم و الزنك وفيتامين ج و دال  
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