Paw Patrol Ciocco Cookie Dolce Gusto Capsules, 10-Count

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  • COOKIE FLAVOURED - A delicious milk and cocoa based drink, flavoured with Cookies, without preservatives and with natural flavour. A creamy and irresistible mix for a funny breakfast or a sweet break.
  • SPECIAL LAYER TECHNOLOGY – the process used to make the capsules isolates the chocolate from sudden changes in temperature and humidity, preserving its excellent qualities over time and reducing the quantity of packaging.
  • INNOVATIVE CAPSULE SYSTEM - The aroma of the best blends is protected by an innovative capsule system which preserves the chocolates authentic fragrance.
  • DOLCE GUSTOO COMPATIBLE - Fully compatible with all Dolce Gusto machines, the box of Ciocco Cookie includes 10 capsules for you to enjoy.
  • TASTE OF ITALY - Capture the essence of culture and ceremony, with 100% recyclable pods, experience a taste of Italian tradition.
  • GLUTEN FREE - No Preservatives